intel leading technology

Intel has announced the official Vulkan graphic API support for Skylake and Kaby Lake GPUs. Previously it was in beta for months. Other releases were also in different flavors of beta, but Intel’s driver is the first release added in full API support. The latest driver will only support Windows 10 on Kaby Lake, but the sixth-generation GPUs are supported in Windows 7,8.1, and 10. That points out the artificiality of the restriction. Kaby Lake and Skylake use identical GPUs. So, their graphic pipelines are alike.

Early test of DX12 showed increase for the leading technology company Intel in that mode and the company has allocated some tech demos showing significant boosts from the API, but there’s not much change in the way of benchmarks or performance comparisons with recent cards or drivers.

Even without the equitable performance data to examine, this kind of support does matter. Intel may not have much in the way of enthusiast GPU market share, but it still ships more CPUs with combined graphics than AMD or Nvidia ship discrete GPUs per year. For back up support on DirectX 12 and Vulkan means that game developers might like to target these APIs. Specifically, they can evaluate their performance on Intel hardware, rather than solely looking to Teams Red and Green.

Not much has been said by Intel about where they intend to take its GPU hardware in the future. Kaby Lake and Skylake use the same GPU core. They have been heard saying that Chipzilla might license AMD IP for future graphic cores. But, it is under great speculation of what kind of arrangement this would reflect. Intel did add Vulkan support is the best for the entire GPU ecosystem and could keep encourage developers to consider API alongside DirectX12 for future gaming projects. Intel’s current 128MB of EDRAM isn’t really common for 1080p gaming at acceptable detail levels, but a 256MB EDRAM cache could easily resolve that issue. Whether Intel would be able to get the pricing it wanted for the chip is an entirely different question.

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samsung note 7

Samsung had a two hour press conference on the design failure and manufacturing that caused the fires with their Note 7.

Koh Dong-jin, the president of mobile communications at Samsung, announced that the reason why the fires were caused in the Note 7 was because the battery (which was made by Samsung SDI) had electrodes that short circuited which was caused by the electrodes touching which in turn caused fires.

The batteries were bought from Amperex, a TDK company, which was also not perfect as well. Here is what Koh had announced that day.

“We provided the target for the battery specifications for the innovative Note 7, and we are taking responsibility for our failure to ultimately identify and verify the issues arising out of battery design and manufacturing. We have taken several corrective actions to make sure this never happens again.”

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toshiba chip

Toshiba corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate. Their headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan. They offer many services for people. some services include information technology, communications equipment, and systems. Electronic components and materials. Also, power systems, industrial and social infrastructure systems. Toshiba is known to be found in 1938. It is organized in a way to be able to have 4 groupings. Groups such as the Digital products group, the electronic devices, home appliances group and the social infrastructure group. It is considered the 7th largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world.

Toshiba recently planned to sell off a stake in their chip business mainly to raise cash. They mostly decided to do this to be able to raise cash due to the loss of their nuclear business. Their nuclear business could have been as big as 6 billion which a lot of money to be lost for them. Therefore, they needed to take their precautions and come up with a plan to sell off a stake in their chip business. But now it seems like this plan is not working out and they are facing a lot of negative net worth.

They are now thinking to sell 20-30% of their chip business and although this may seem like a high percentage. Toshiba will never sell a controlling interest which is a good thing for them because controlling interest is what matters the most for a company. For example, it was a good idea when Western Digital’s bought SanDisk’s share in the NAND partnership with Toshiba. They are willing to invest 5 billion in Toshiba’s chip business. This all seemed like it would be a good idea until it was thought out more and was found that such a huge investment could run into antitrust procedures which this in fact could affect and delay the deal in march which is by the time Toshiba needs the cash.

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qualcomm enters server market

Qualcomm and ARM have worked together to design a 10nm server processor dubbed Falkor, a first for both companies. ARM, the mobile processor specialist is confident that this move will finally put them in a good position in the server processor market. According to an ARM executive earlier this year, the server business will experience growth within the next two years and it will become an important part of their own IP firm.

The Centric 2400 is a chip that was built around the Falkor, which is Qualcomm’s custom ARMv8-complaint CPU. The unit has up to 48 cores and comes with 10nm FinFET processing technology.

Qualcomm has called bringing the ARM-Based server processor to the open market a “monumental achievement,” much like when the 1onm mobile Snapdragon processor was released.

Though some think it is a lot to ask for, Qualcomm is hoping to influence the design of servers as much as power efficiency and a large design ecosystem have for mobiles.

ARM has recently announced the acquisition of a software company that specialized in analyzing tools and high performance computing equipment called Aline Software. This is sure to strengthen its server software tool ecosystem, especially as more jump to make the concept a reality. Socionext, the joint venture just presented a processor with 24 ARM Cortex-A53 cores just last month. Releases such as these are what make Chandrasekher, the general manager of Qualcomm Data Center Technologies business a firm believer in making ARM-based servers the next big power move.

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Obama Semiconductor Report

There was an article written by Dave Raffo, the senior news director, posted on Tech Target that talks about the top enterprise storage vendors to keep an eye on in 2017. The top enterprise storage vendors include (in no particular order): Dell EMC, Nutanix, Pure Storage, Veritas, Broadcom, Seagate, Western Digital, NetApp, Hewlett Packard Enterprises, Hitachi Data Systems, IBM, and Lenovo.

These companies create an environment in which there will be solid state hyper convergence, software defined storage which uses traditional SAN and NAS systems for their cloud systems. These companies are using their technology in order to revolutionize and innovate new ways to manage and secure data in the process. This makes it hard for new companies to enter the industry as these companies dominate the market space. This next year is crucial to see how the industry unfolds in the futures as some companies will rise up above the others while smaller companies will not be able to keep up. There are a lot of different long and short term directions for these companies.

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Ubiquiti Router

Nowadays, due to the continuous growth of hacking the basic network router cannot provide enough protection for video surveillance systems. Since technology is getting better the security world has been evolving in the past decades from change of the VCRs to IP cameras. So, with all this change, networks are in the search of finding more reasonable cost-effective routers to help protect from the growing hacking world. I think surveillance is one of the most important things for all businesses to have to protect and monitor whatever is going on at their business.

It can also increase productivity and the safety of employees. With the change in technology many companies are beginning to create new routers that can with stand all these hackers, one company, Ubiquiti routers started a product line that can hopefully with stand all these hackers. The released four different products in their product line for all levels of network connections. The four products are EdgeRouter Lite, EdgeRouter PoE, EdgeRouter Pro, and ER-8. The product that stands out the most is the ER-8 because it has a robust suite of firewall, this is important because it efficiently blocks almost all DoS attacks and keeps the internet running.

One thing that customers enjoy about the product is that it is easy to set up with the latest firmware links to download for the router. ER-8 comes with a dashboard that shows the systems status on all the ports, transmit and receive rates for all channels, and other statistics. the reason why this [product is doing so well is because it does not need an experimental working on it, it can be done by anyone since it is so simple to use. But the number one concern with the customers of EdgeRouter products is their customer service, which could lose a lot of business for them. They lack the one on one conversation with customers and would rather have them look at forums and YouTube videos. I think for any successful company out there; customer service is number one to maintain that connection and to maintain those lifetime customers.

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Teledyne UK Space Chip

Teledyne has just announced their decision to take over the Essex-based imaged sensor and space component specialist e2v technologies. The takeover will cost Teledyne approximately 620 million dollars but such is the price of absorbing an industry leader for imagers and space component like e2v. Not only limited to imagers, e2v also supplied radio devices and semiconductors for high-reliability industrial/defense applications and healthcare.

CEO of Teledyne, Robert Mehrabian believes that every single facet of e2v is highly complementary to Teledyne and with minimal overlap thus necessitated the takeover. Both are leaders in astronomy and space imaging, microwave devices with Teledyne largely specializing in infrared detectors and e2v corning the visible light sensors segment of the market. Supplying vacuum microwave s and solid state systems to defense markets while dishing out X-ray sensors to healthcare markets, US-based Teledyne’s strengths in cameras and vision systems is enhanced by e2v’s broader product portfolio.

Teledyne has been steadily expanding over the past couple of years into bigger markets which include but aren’t limited to environmental monitoring, medical imaging, oil/gas exploration and factory automation. Their product line is also expanding into relays, semiconductor image sensors, complete sensing/monitoring systems and microwave /RF devices. The expected acquisition is set for the first half of 2017.

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Future Market Insight

"The Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015-2025” has been introduced by Future Market Insights.  Hard disk drives have similar properties as disk drives and hard drives.  They have been used for reading and writing data onto a hard disk which is the main data storage unit in the computer. What Global hard disk drives are based on are various types of hard disk drives, composed of unique factors of hard disk drive and the building of other applications of hard disk drives.  The HDD market has been able to witness first handedly the increase and the decrease of the market.

As of 2014 the hard disk drive market experienced some growth and was elevated by 2% appose to the year prior.  The sales of the market had seemed to have grown due to the laptop, hard disk drives in cloud and other enterprise application becoming neutralized within the industry causing there to be a need for newer components for people that already owned such products.  As time went on Global started to notice a decline in their sales during the following quarter in 2014. Statistics show that the decrease in sales were due to the change of needs of many businesses used for local hard disk drives alongside with home users. The conversion of onsite servers to centralized cloud servers were also a big part of the sales dropping significantly.

All these factors have are responsible for the drop in sales but most importantly, the use for PCs. People have stopped using desktops and laptops and have begun to replace them with tablets and smartphones. One unique factor that the Drive holds is being able to be segmented into a internal hard drive and also an external hard drives.


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Intel New Chips Lack Potent GPU

Intel along with every other tech company on the planet is gearing up their chip development in the quest for artificial intelligence. The company is betting heavily that the new chip technology will have mass appeal and world wide applications. On Thursday Intel announced that they will be developing new chips that can handle A.I. level workloads with the end game being A.I. however for the time being the chips will be released as specialized co-processors or primary chips in computers which will be completely separate from the major product lines. The thinking is that over time Intel will be able to further adapt and integrate these chips with A.I. features into everything from mainstream servers to PC chips and IoT. Due to the weakening PC market, Intel is aggressively pursuing other sectors in order to diversify.

Intel plans to offer non-GPU chips to accelerate their entry into the A.I market due to their own late entry into the mobile market but since A.I. computing is dominated by GPUs Intel is at a severe disadvantage due to their lack of a potent GPU to accommodate the A.I. demands. The company believes it does not need a GPU to compete and hopes the alternative chips like the monster A.I. chip codenamed Knights Mill will accomplish that. Targeted at deep learning and estimated to be four times faster in deep-learning tasks than the current Xeon Phi chips, Intel is confident they are well-positioned to tackle the challenges ahead in the A.I. market.

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Intel Core i7-7700K

Intel has been a leader and valued semiconductor chip maker, they also have invented the x86 series of microprocessors and these are found in most processors that you will find either in a laptop or a desktop PC. Intel has been supplying processors to computer manufacturing companies such IBM, Dell, Apple and other companies. They have been innovating their technology since day one and Intel is always working on improving their processing systems continuously to make better and faster operating systems for the modern world. The word is that Intel’s new processor called the Kaby Lake desktop processor is coming out sometime the following year and rumor says that Kaby Lake processing system is not going to be a magnificent upgrade from Skylake processing system. At the very least this will not show on desktop PCs.

The record shows that the core i7-7700K is only slightly faster with few MHz higher than the Skylake Core i7-6700K. The only difference that could be of any significance is the graphics card which is going to be improved over anything else in the new core i7-7700K. Some of the tests that have been released reveals that the new processor measures a processing speed of 3.6% higher than Skylake. Even though Core i7-7700K is slightly faster processing speed, however the clock speed is recorded at 5% and the 3.6 is slightly lower than that which shows that actually the overall processor may be slower its previous processor. Also while running the temperature has been recorded to be much higher than than the previous processor. Having said all that, these are all tests that have been conducted this year and the new processor is not coming out until next year which means that improvement is still possible and we will have to wait and see how the Core i7-7700K turns out.

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