Western Digital Releases Faster and more Efficient Innovative Memory card to Reach New Heights in Mobile Devices

sandisk memory card

Western Digital has been able to successfully incorporate their resources with SanDisk with their recent merger. As a result of the merger, Western Digital has released what is known to be the fastest UHS-1 flash memory card, creating the 400GB SanDisk Extreme UHS-1 microSDXCTM.

Professionals have successfully included newer traits into the disk while still being able to meet Application Performance Class 2 (A2) Specification, certified by SD Association, a global consortium. Destined to be an extremely enhanced speed disk that may be the answer to increasing mobile device speed.

“Western Digital’s new card features read speeds of up to 160MB/sec and writes at up to 90MB/sec, making it 50% faster than the previous fastest model.”

Many consumers are presented with the issue of lack of device speed due to the flagship of a phones RAM not being able to take in the speed of the removable memory card when used on a mobile device. Western Digital has taken this problem into their own hands to be able to sway the opinion and implement these types of cards for mobile devices once more.

Despite Western Digital recent release, they have continued to present the industry with an new SD card. Sharing similar traits of such as high tech PCIe technology that could be found in the leading PCs and Macintosh computers. With newly designed technology

“The card was demonstrated achieving sequential read speeds of up to 880MB/sec and sequential write speeds of 430 MB/sec.”

Although it has great potential, the card will still need to be further tested for more efficiency upon implementation. Many times, incorporating of such high-powered cards require the generation of much more power along with cooling and newer hardware.

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