What are Network Devices and What Do They Do?

Networking-devices like routers, hubs, bridges, switches, modems and more

Today, one of the most important things you can do is set up your own network. Whether you run your own business or you’re moving into a new home, the rise in the Internet of Things (IoT) mandates the need for a computer network. But, before you set one up, it’s important to understand the different segments and how they work.

The network hub is a LAN device used to connect multiple network hosts and do data transfer. When the host sends data packets, they’re sent to the hub which copies all the packets and sends them to all the ports the hub is connected to. The port for whom the data packet is intended can claim the packet. Unfortunately, a hub is not safe and secure, and copying data packets makes the connection slow and congested.

Network switches work similarly to hubs, but they filter and forward instead of copy and forward. So, when the switch receives a packet, it filters the packet only to the intended receiver. However, as a result, a switch requires the addition of its own content addressable memory (CAM).

Modems are the combination of modulator and demodulator. Normally telephone lines carry analog signals, but computers generate binary data or digital data in the form of 1s and 0s. In order to use the same wires for both telephone lines and internet connection, the modem modulates and demodulates the signal between the digital data of a computer and the analog signal of a telephone line.

Network routers are devices that route data traffic from one network to another. A router works a lot like a traffic police would, directing different network traffic to different directions. Bridges are like network routers, but they connect two subnetworks as part of the same network.

And repeaters are devices that amplified the received signal; they receive signals and retransmit them at a higher level or higher power.

Network devices are important because when your network goes down, all your work is on hold until your internet connection can be reestablished. At Just IT Hardware, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we know how important it is to stay connected. After all, we are a premier online parts distributor. So, we’re always ready and on standby to help you with all your parts and component related-needs, just visit us at www.justithardware.com to get started on a quote.


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