HP Device as a Service Officially Debuts


HP Inc. officially rolled out its “Device as a Service” for all enterprises which is aimed exclusively to consolidate all of the device acquisition and management. This covers the entire sequence from when a customer purchases the devices throughout the entire lifecycle until the moment it is time to recycle them. Otherwise known as DaaS, this package will also include optimization and analytics services which will free up IT resources as well. This newest offering by HP Inc. allows more customized offerings in the form of packaged products and services which ensures that HP Inc.’s customers are guaranteed to get the most out of all of their equipment.

Bill Avey, the general manager and global head of HP’s Personal System Services believes that HP’s end users will be “absolutely delighted” along with their IT due to the increase in productivity. Being that the DaaS is extremely driven by customer demand, HP has actually already secured previous customers in 20 different countries without dropping a single dollar on advertisements. The contracts for DaaS are written on per seat or per device basis which allows for an extremely clean and transparent cost model and subscription would only start with selecting devices. This could mean anything from printers, PCs, point-of-sale devices or any HP product really. A contract can include configuration, installation, onsite support, technical services, data migration or even technology recycling.

Another advantage of the DaaS is that it’s a multi-vendor offering and with a DaaS contract, HP can offer their assistance to IT teams in order to doing things like monitor performance, battery life of devices, pre-emptively ship users new batteries when they sense it is almost at the end of its life cycle and even coordinate recycling of devices past their date of expiration. This will aid customers in addressing security vulnerabilities when old devices are left unattended. Avery believes that the true advantage of DaaS likes in the management and analytics portion of the service model. IT decision makers often times have no idea what devices they have, where it is, how it’s performing or even whether or not it is actually meeting the needs of customers/consumers. HP’s DaaS hopes to offer a comprehensive solution that is both affordable and efficient.



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