Powerful, Innovative, & Cool New Tech Products at Computex 2016


This year’s annual Computex trade show featured the newest and most innovative technology to date. The PC industry manages to surpass even the highest expectations set each year. This year was no exception- showcasing the wildest and most exciting computer hardware from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Some of the products featured at the tech show included Intel’s anticipated Broadwell-E “Extreme Edition” family. The featured processors, including the Core i7-6950X, reached a whopping price tag of $1,723 USD. AMD seeks to tackle the obscure price by offering the Zen as a solution. A working model of the chip was introduced at the show, but it is still under development. The goal is for the processor to overshadow AMD’s current-generation processors with a 40% increase in IPC (Instruction per clock). AMD’s 7th generation APUs, designed for laptops, also showed AMD’s ability to create all-around efficient products. AMD did not stop there.

The Radeon RX 480 delivers performance on par with FinFET Polaris GPU, with expert graphic capabilities at the low price of $200. With a price that low, the affordable processor could reach the masses in a short time, especially those in the gaming world. Nvidia reached universal praise with its new DTX 1070. The graphic card delivers the performance achieved with the Titan X, but at a fraction of the cost. MSI also introduced a prototype of its Backpack PC. The portable PC enables a virtual reality experience. HP also offered an insight on its similar-in-innovation backpack PC with its Omen X. Samsung introduced their revamped SSD, the PM971-NVMe, with a 512GB of NAND flash, a controller, and RAM all packed into a small chip that is meant for large storage on portable devices. Most of the devices presented delivered an increase in power and greater capabilities than previous hardware- something expected every year.

One of the stranger items in the multitude of new products included the Asus Zenbo- a charming little companion bot that responds to voice commands, general questions like Siri or Echo, reads stories, and comes with a touchscreen face.

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