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Logitech International S.A. is a worldwide provider of personal computer accessories headquartered in Romanel-sur-Morges, Switzerland.

Logitech develops products for personal computers, including mice, keyboards, microphones, webcams, trackballs, and game controllers. They are also well known as makers of headphones, home speakers, computer speakers, wireless audio devices, and audio devices for MP3 players and cellular phones.

Logitech has offices throughout the world, with locations in California, USA, Europe, Asia, and other parts of the Americas as well. Logitech splits up their sales and marketing activities into four regions: Americas, Asia Pacific, China, and EMEA.

The company began manufacturing mice in Le Lieu, in the Swiss Canton of Vaud by Dubois Depraz SA. They then began to set up production facilities globally, with plants in Taiwan, US, Ireland, and more recently China. By 2005, half of Logitech’s products were being manufactured in China, with the remaining half outsourced to contract manufacturers and original design manufacturers in parts of Asia.

Logitech has been divided into separate divisions to better cater to the specific customers’ needs. They are now divided into Logitech computer accessories, tablet accessories, Smartphone accessories, digital home products, Logitech G, Logitech UE, and Logitech for business. Logitech offers mice, keyboards, webcams & headsets, and multimedia speakers for their computer accessories. The proliferation of tablet devices has hurt Logitech’s recent profits. They only offer keyboards and covers for their tablet accessories, which may explain the drop in profits due to the expanding tablet market.

Logitech also provides TV cam, security systems and harmony remotes for their digital home products. Logitech G is their gaming division in which they offer mice, keyboards, headsets and controllers all designed and developed specifically for gaming.

Logitech UE is their ultimate ears collection, which is their product line for audiophiles. This division includes earphones, headphones, wireless speakers, smart radio, and pro earphones. Logitech manufacturer and also provides support for businesses in their communication sector by offering presentation devices, webcams, headsets and other unified communications products.



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