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How Ascom Became “Mission-Critical Communication”:

Ascom Holding AG is global telecommunications company specializing in what they call “Mission-Critical Communication”. They focus on areas of wireless solutions and network testing which are separate divisions within the main parent company.

Ascom Wireless Solutions is a provider of on-site wireless communications for segments such as hotels, retail facilities, hospitals, and manufacturing industries. They offer a wide range of voice and professional messaging solutions while supporting and optimizing the “Mission-Critical” processes of their customers. Their solutions are based on IP-DECT, Vo Wi-Fi, nurse call & paging technologies, integrated into existing systems. The company has subsidiaries in over 10 countries with 1,200 employees worldwide.

Ascom Network Testing provides solutions in order to analyze, measure, and optimize mobile networks. The Test Mobile System (TEMS) portfolio includes a complete set of solutions for drive testing, monitoring, bench-marking, and analyzing network performance. These facilitate the optimization, maintenance and deployment of mobile networks. Their products are supplied to the world’s equipment vendors, professional service providers, and mobile operators.

Ascom’s paging system includes their 914D, 914T, a51, a71, p71, and U971. These are all different alarm/transmitters that vary depending on the level of security required. Their transmission control protocol/ internet protocol (TCP-IP), is fundamental technology for the internet and the communication between various computers within the same network. The support that Ascom provides under this division are: ARS over OSS/J, Ascom We Know, change Management process system (ChaMPS), mobile workforce management, & trouble tickets & work orders (TTWOS).

Last but not least, Ascom’s Vo Wi-Fi system supports a full range of open standards, at the same time, accommodating a range of PBXs, switches, access points and more. Their Vo Wi-Fi supports both IEEE802.11b as well as the g radio networks. Ascom only makes one product in this category, their i62 device.

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