Mediatek Unveils X20 Development Board

Mediatek  X20 Development Board

Mediatek has just released its X20 Development Board which features a 10-core chip and 4k graphics and could be used as an Android PC. Looking to compete with PCs, developer boards like Raspberry Pi and Mediatek’s X20 are loading up on horsepower to run faster applications while featuring 4k graphics. Starting at just $199, Mediatek X20 Development Board is crammed to the gills with the latest mobile chips that allow this developer board to boast PC-like computing power. The 10-core chip is universally used in all the new mobile devices and the Mediatek X20 Development Board comes with Android 6.0 however it is not known yet if that will be upgraded to Android 7.0. Still there isn’t much need for the 10 CPU cores in your traditional tablet or smartphone but developers think that the chips computing power could be put to good use in a development board. The board also boasts a Mali-T880 graphics processor and the GPU is capable of 4k video playback.

At $199 the Mediatek X20 Development Board is much more expensive than your standard $35 Raspberry Pi but the board has many potential uses which include being used as an Android PC, file/media server, test-bed for developing mobile applications and can also be used to make drones, robots and smart home devices. With 8GB of internal storage, 2GB of DDR3 memory and two USB 2.0 ports, the Mediatek board features a built in GPS and Wi-Fi a/b/g/n. As if that wasn’t enough the board will also feature an HDMI display outlet with an interface to attach a 25-megapixel camera. Talk about bang for your buck! Finally, the board’s CPU has two of ARM’s latest Cortex-A72 CPU cores which can run at speeds up to 2.3GHz with four Cortex-A53 cores running at 1.85GHz and an additional four more Cortex-A53 cores running at 1.4GHz.

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