How to Pick the Right Distributor for your Computer Product Business

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It’s easy to find a distributor to facilitate your computer product business, but choosing the correct one can be hard. There could the off chance that the distributor currently prospecting isn’t the going to help you explode your business and the ones you work with now aren’t doing so well either.

However there should be one main distributor that handles the majority of the business as oppose to working with a multitude of different suppliers and giving the all different pricing. It’s best to stick to one distributor and build a solid relationship with them. That way, you do not spread yourself too thin and overextend yourself. With one distributor working on a large bulk of your business, it credibility will be built which in turn leads to faster services, which will then allow for qualifying for better credit terms.

Because of this existing relationship, your sales volume will increase and the whole cycle repeats itself.

In order to find the right distributor for your computer product business, We suggest that it is very wise to visit each distributor’s website to see if they offer products or services that support the product that you wish to supply to them. This comes in the form of related products and accessories.

You would also want to make sure your distributor is well connected with other major manufacturers that are within your selected computer product line.

Although this means that both your distributor and yourself will profit very well from this beneficial partnership, we suggests to always have a few back-up distributors just in case.

Your back up distributor will come in handy in the event that there could possibly be an issue with pricing and inventory which could happen occasionally. This could happen during the holidays season as your main distributor could have a different holiday schedule than that of your back up distributor and yourself.

Aside from looking at their website and doing due diligence. It should be a main focus to know that the distributor you will be choosing can supply the following services:

  1. Web access to online ordering, real time pricing and inventory
  2. Credit terms
  3. Free technical support
  4. Multiple payment options
  5. Same day shipping
  6. Drop-shipping
  7.   EFT
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