Durable Fanless Mini Computers on the Horizon for Aerospace Industry

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Sparton Company subsidiary Stealth Computer has recently announced that they will move forward with plans to release a brand new fanless PC.  Dubbed as the LPC-720F, this fanless mini PC will feature two separate expansion slots capable of supporting a wide variety of aviation, transportation, and marine requirements.  Each expansion slot in the LPC-720F can be used to add additional features including specialized graphics, improved data acquisition, and increased memory.

The LPC-720F minicomputer has a unique fanless design that allows it to run at full efficiency, all while preventing harmful dust and debris from entering the device.  Instead of utilizing cooling fans like more traditional computers, the LPC-720F uses an aluminum chassis to that acts as a heat sink.  Additionally, the fanless design prevents the computer from making any noise when it is on.  Users can also custom configure each system, and the device is fully compatible with both Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.

Stealth Computer is a company founded upon an industry need for durable computer products capable of withstanding the harshest conditions.

According to Stealth Computer’s official website,

“We replaced office-grade PCs companies with equipment that was specified to deal with the dirt, moisture, heat, vibration and electrical noise that are just part of a factory floor. It wasn’t long before companies in many industries were asking us for help designing and building computers and peripherals that would survive the many challenges of operating reliably in their demanding applications. We’re now a recognized leader, globally, in ruggedized industrial products. Stealth stays at the forefront through steady innovation, providing customers with the latest technologies and features, and designing, integrating and manufacturing both off-the-shelf and customized vertical market solutions.”

Throughout the past two decades, Stealth Computer products have been used in an immense amount of industrial applications including mining operations, defense programs, security operations, utilities, telecommunications, and even public safety.  Stealth computers will likely be searching for even more opportunities to provide users with industrial computing solutions, so look for more hard wearing Stealth products in the years to come.



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