A Brief about the Operations and Business of Baumer Electric

baumer electric

Baumer Electric: 60 years of Service:-

Founded in 1952, Herbert Baumer began his ownership of an electric company in Frauenfeld, Switzerland. They began their long history by producing micro-switches.

Over time they have expanded into France, the USA, Italy, Germany, Canada, China, India, South America and other locations. In total they operate in over 60 countries. They employ over 2,300 people all over the world. Their customer base includes machine construction companies, large industrial enterprises and other highly specialized plants.

Top Quality Brands

They reached their first million in 1970 and since then have seen nothing but success. They are in possession of many top quality brands which include:

  • Aline
  • FEXLoc
  • Scatec
  • VeriSens
  • And More

 Why Must you Partner with Baumer Electric?

Their production line is important for renewable energies for example wind turbines and the solar industry. “Efficiency” has become something that is more and more important with this “green” generation. They have the ability to develop and combine products to create a solution specifically for their customer’s needs. Specifically some of the industries they supply for are the medical fields, food & beverage industries, steel industries, water & wastewater industries and many more. For over 60 years Baumer Electric has provided excellent service. In 2012 they won the Swiss Lean Award which is a national prize in top performance and excellence in the Lean management methodology. They are very focused on research and development. They spend approximately 10% of sales on innovative research  to improve and protect their numerous patents.

Which is the Best Distributer Available for Procuring Baumer Electric products?

ASAP Semiconductor, through its proprietary website Just It Hardware, distributes a large inventory of Baumer Electric parts. We carry a comprehensive inventory of Baumer Electric parts and provide a 24/7 database to procure any we do not have. If you have a requirement for any of these parts, contact us today at sales@justithardware.com and one of our knowledgeable sales staff will be ready to assist you.


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