What to Expect from Samsungs 48L 3D V-NAND Flash ?


On April 16th 2016, Kevin Gibb, Product Line Manager of TechInsights released an article on EE Times talking about Samsungs 48L 3D V-NAND Flash. This 48L 3D V-NAND Flash has been heavily anticipated by consumers around the world ever since its announcement which was in early August of 2015.

This V-NAND Flash was expected to be used in all different types of solid states drives. As it stands, the expectation appear to be true. This Samsung product can be seen in solid state drives such as in the mSATA, which has a capacity of 2 TB. The mSATA is a Samsung product.

If you were top open up the mSATA 2 TB drive, you will be faced with a double sided circuit board that has some goodies in it. These goodies include four of the 0.5 TB K9DUB8S7M. Within the drive is also the V-NAND we have been discussing. There are 16 of these within the mSATA 2 TB drive.

Here’s what Gibb has to say about how the 16 V-NAND dies are configured. The mSATA has a “package cross section showing the 16 dies stacked one on top of the other and connected using conventional wire bonding technology. The dies are an outstandingly 40 µm thin, perhaps the thinnest dies that we have seen in a package. By comparison, the dies in Samsung’s 32L V-NAND that we examined in 2014 were about 110 µm thick and stacked 4 dies high in their package.”

To get a little bit more information in terms of the specifications on the Planar and V-NAND Density of this new product, here is a little bit of more information. The process node is 21 with a capacity with of 256 GB, Die area of 99, and a density of 2,600.

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