UCR and Colleagues have Found An Unwanted Opening in The Hardware System

University of California Riverside

Researchers and professionals at the University of California Riverside along with the State University of New York have teamed up and have discovered that there has been a fault in many computer hardware systems. The dilemma has been founded in the computers central processing system unit (CPU) that can release full access to one’s computer to hackers that attempt to break into a computer.

This fall through was located in the address Space layout randomization (ASLR) defense mechanism. The ASLR is primarily made for the security that blocks from a computer from being attacked from computer software’s.  In accordance to inform the public it was released at the IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture which happens to be one the largest computer structure and architecture conference that is held in the world. The ASLR works in various ways such as,” Through randomizing where data is stored in a computer’s memory, ASLR serves to protect systems from common cyber-attacks like “buffer overflow,” where a program writing data to a “buffer,” or temporary storage, overruns the boundary and overwrites memory locations.  “

Per tests that were ran by the researching team, they found that through the ASLR was an easy access to where they would be able to disable and get through and allow them to steal any information from the computer that was available.

During an interview with one of the first-year electrical engineering students he stated that the issue itself was a,” fundamental exploit in the hardware itself, you can’t really patch that up with any software since it’s built into the hardware.” Although it is not the easiest task to hack into a computer because it does require lots of codes and requires for various to be installed in accordance with their codes it is still possible and should be taken seriously.


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