Ubiquiti Router to Protect From the Growing Hacking World

Ubiquiti Router

Nowadays, due to the continuous growth of hacking the basic network router cannot provide enough protection for video surveillance systems. Since technology is getting better the security world has been evolving in the past decades from change of the VCRs to IP cameras. So, with all this change, networks are in the search of finding more reasonable cost-effective routers to help protect from the growing hacking world. I think surveillance is one of the most important things for all businesses to have to protect and monitor whatever is going on at their business.

It can also increase productivity and the safety of employees. With the change in technology many companies are beginning to create new routers that can with stand all these hackers, one company, Ubiquiti routers started a product line that can hopefully with stand all these hackers. The released four different products in their product line for all levels of network connections. The four products are EdgeRouter Lite, EdgeRouter PoE, EdgeRouter Pro, and ER-8. The product that stands out the most is the ER-8 because it has a robust suite of firewall, this is important because it efficiently blocks almost all DoS attacks and keeps the internet running.

One thing that customers enjoy about the product is that it is easy to set up with the latest firmware links to download for the router. ER-8 comes with a dashboard that shows the systems status on all the ports, transmit and receive rates for all channels, and other statistics. the reason why this [product is doing so well is because it does not need an experimental working on it, it can be done by anyone since it is so simple to use. But the number one concern with the customers of EdgeRouter products is their customer service, which could lose a lot of business for them. They lack the one on one conversation with customers and would rather have them look at forums and YouTube videos. I think for any successful company out there; customer service is number one to maintain that connection and to maintain those lifetime customers.

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