Toshiba Faces Problems in Selling Chip Stake

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Toshiba corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate. Their headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan. They offer many services for people. some services include information technology, communications equipment, and systems. Electronic components and materials. Also, power systems, industrial and social infrastructure systems. Toshiba is known to be found in 1938. It is organized in a way to be able to have 4 groupings. Groups such as the Digital products group, the electronic devices, home appliances group and the social infrastructure group. It is considered the 7th largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world.

Toshiba recently planned to sell off a stake in their chip business mainly to raise cash. They mostly decided to do this to be able to raise cash due to the loss of their nuclear business. Their nuclear business could have been as big as 6 billion which a lot of money to be lost for them. Therefore, they needed to take their precautions and come up with a plan to sell off a stake in their chip business. But now it seems like this plan is not working out and they are facing a lot of negative net worth.

They are now thinking to sell 20-30% of their chip business and although this may seem like a high percentage. Toshiba will never sell a controlling interest which is a good thing for them because controlling interest is what matters the most for a company. For example, it was a good idea when Western Digital’s bought SanDisk’s share in the NAND partnership with Toshiba. They are willing to invest 5 billion in Toshiba’s chip business. This all seemed like it would be a good idea until it was thought out more and was found that such a huge investment could run into antitrust procedures which this in fact could affect and delay the deal in march which is by the time Toshiba needs the cash.

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