Sprint Hints at Ending Unlimited Data

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While speaking with a Kansas City, Missouri television station, the CEO of Sprint, Marcel Claure, said the carrier may do away with current pricing on unlimited data plans later in the year. A $50 per month unlimited data, calling, and messaging service plan is currently offered by Sprint. Unlimited plans have been debated for a while now. The Federal Communication Commission slapped AT&T with a $100 million fine for allegedly throttling internet speeds for unlimited users. It is interesting to note that Sprint has also been accused of throttling data speed for unlimited subscribers. But after the fine placed on AT&T, Sprint immediately reacted and stopped throttling. But the future of an unlimited subscription has been put into question.

The company has suggested that the unlimited offering could be killed off in the coming future. But for the next few months, unlimited will continue. Although, it is extremely likely that prices will be increased. Experts have interpreted the move away from unlimited data as a way to horde revenue while investing on network improvements. Claure has eluded that major network infrastructure upgrades are coming soon. The efforts so far have been focused around Sprint’s deep 2.5 GHz spectrum holdings.

The “Unlimited Everything” plan was introduced by former CEO Dan Hesse. The offer was intended to and succeeded in capturing the interest of a certain segment of heavy data users even though the offering came at a time when Sprint struggled with poor network coverage, slow download speeds and customer defections. Now that Sprint is focused on improving its network coverage and as the cost of carrying all of those streaming videos, music, and photos continue to mount, the unlimited offering has been called into question.

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