Sony Demos Project Morpheus Virtual Technology on PS4 at E3


Sony tested out their new virtual reality system Project Morpheus to the public this past week at the E3 - Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

Virtual reality games are something that developers and fans alike have been dreaming about for years, and Sony is doing their best to make it an actual reality. Ever since the days of Pac Man and Galaga, people have loved video games. Playing them can be fun - thrilling, at times - but there was often something missing. Players wanted to be in the video game.

It is human nature to want to go on adventures that wouldn’t be possible in real life. Immersing yourself in a fantasy world and actually experiencing them is a technology that has been elusive to developers for some time.

At E3, Sony said the hardware is near completion, and development is going well. Not many specific details of the system were given, but developers and executives are all excited about it. They have not put out a solid date for its release, as they want to make sure the product is perfect first.

"We've been wanting to commit to a launch window," says Richard Marks, Senior Director of Research and Development. "We just felt like we have to deliver a certain level of experience before we call it a product. You know, the first time you try VR is the most important time. And if we were to create an experience that's not good enough, it would turn people off."

The system resembles a visor with goggles hanging out in front of it. When you put in on, the display makes you feel as though you are totally immersed in the video game world. The display is also shown on a television, so everyone who is there can see what’s going on and join in on the fun. The audio capabilities are exceptional, as you can use any type of headphones while the device is on your head. Two handheld wands are the controllers and are also used to detect motion of the player.

Sony’s mission to bring many longtime gamers’ dream to life looks to be more of a reality than ever.

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