Samsung Develops “See-Through” Prototype Trucks That are Safer to Pass


Samsung has developed a prototype truck that is designed to allow trailing drivers to see what is ahead of them on the road.

Anyone who has driven on a long trip across a one or two lane freeway knows the frustration of being stuck behind a slow truck. You don’t want to be forced to drive fifty-five miles per hour all the way from Phoenix to Orange County - that would take almost 7 hours.

What many drivers do to attempt to get around these problems (literally) is drive on the wrong side of the road to pass the truck. Now, if you’ve ever driven behind a truck, you know that it can be hard to see around them. The driver may not be sure what is on the other side of the road when they are trying to pass the truck. It could be miles and miles of empty highway, or it could be their death in the form of an oncoming vehicle.

This has presented a huge problem in Argentina, where many of their roads are only single-lane highways. Car accidents are very prevalent in the country, as one person dies every hour from an auto wreck. Most of these accidents occur in a situation where a driver is trying to overtake a slow truck on the wrong side of the road.

Enter Samsung’s Argentina branch, who decided efforts should be taken to cut down on this problem. They are introducing a truck with four TV monitors affixed to the back, which give a live feed of what is ahead of the truck. This makes it easier - and safer - for drivers to overtake slow trucks.

“The next step,” says Samsung, “is to perform the corresponding tests in order to comply with the existing national protocols and obtain the necessary permits and approvals. For this, Samsung is working together with safe driving NGOs and the government.”

Samsung is leading the way not only in technology, but in safety too.

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