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Melanox Technologies was founded in 1999 by Eyal Waldman in Yokneam, Israel as a manufacturer of integrated circuit semiconductors for Next Generation I/O (NGIO) data infrastructure centers. When NGIO combined with Future I/O bridge architecture, a new standard was formed known as InfiniBand. Currently headquartered in both Sunnyvale, California and Yokneam, Israel, Melanox now specializes in complete end-to-end interconnect solutions, particularly within the InfiniBand and Ethernet protocols. With approximately 1,428 employees and fiscal year 2013 revenue totaling $390.9 million, the company offers products within four primary categories: adapters, switches, interconnect, and software. Mellanox technologies enable data information to be analyzed and stored more quickly and efficiently. As information becomes more cloud-based, Mellanox has developed its CloudX platform. This EVN (Efficient Virtualized Network) interconnect provides acceleration (using RDMA (remote direct memory access) with Infiniband or RoCE (Ethernet)), virtualization (hardware-supported virtualized overlay networks), and convergence (computing, storage, and networking on a single network).

The company’s CloudX is capable of supporting up to 56GB/s, boasts the world’s lowest latency at 1 microsecond, ensures lossless packet transmission, and bridges multiple protocols (unifying InfiniBand, Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and Ethernet). InfiniBand is a network communications link that is used for applications requiring high-performance computing and very high throughput. Currently, the most commonly used interconnect in supercomputers, Melanox offers a variety of solutions for this protocol including InfiniBand cards, adapter ICs, switch systems, and switch silicon. Mellanox offers similar products which use the Ethernet protocol, as well as a variety of other products including long-haul systems, gateway silicon, SwitchX SDK, HPC-X, PHY silicon, heat sinks, and much more. If you are in search of computer hardware parts, computer software reseller or other networking solutions, including components from Melanox Technologies, Just IT Hardware is your one-stop distribution center. A proprietary division of ASAP Semiconductor (a leading aerospace and electronics parts procurement resource), Just IT Hardware specializes in internet technology parts, including memory, interface, storage, and many other products. To browse our selection, visit or contact us at for more information or to submit a quote.


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