Intel’s Curie CPU for Wearables to be Part of Arduino 101


Intel Corporation, the American multinational technology company based in Santa Clara, California, initially revealed their new chip module in January 2015 at the International CES. This new chip module, which is being referred to as Curie, is about a centimeter across and features a 32-bit microcontroller, a small amount of Flash and RAM, Bluetooth Low Energy for connectivity, as well as a six-axis sensor with an accelerometer and a gyrometer. This chip was designed and built in order to be utilized in wearable devices such as a smart bracelet or a smart pendant. Realistically, this chip can be used in a wide variety of small gadgets that do not require a lot of local processing power, like in a small remote-controlled car.

Early next year, Intel’s small Curie chip will be available to the public in the form of an Arduino development board. In the United States, Arduino’s Curie board will be sold as Arduino 101. Overseas, Arduino’s Curie board will be sold as Genuino 101. They will both be available starting the first quarter of next year, and will be sold for $30, or around 27 euros. The board, while is not really compact enough to build a wearable gadget, will be ideal for building prototypes and will allow its users to get familiar with Curie’s capabilities.

This product was made primarily for the maker community, which has been utilizing Arduino boards in order to build a wide range of products. The Arduino board was also aimed towards the classroom, where students can get involved and interested in electronics and programming.

If you compare it to other entry-level boards at that price point, the big thing it brings is connectivity,

said Jay Melican, who is known as the “maker czar” at Intel.

Young folks who are building things are used to interacting with robots and cars through their cell phone, and this lets them do that.

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