Intel Looking into Fundamental Change of Chips

Intel looking into fundamental change of chips

Intel is getting ready to change the way they have made their chips, with a redesign focusing more on energy saving than speed.

The largest chipmaker in the world is ready to try out alternative ways of manufacturing chips after using their current method for over half a century. In order to keep improving their technologies, company leader William Holt says they must start using new manufacturing methods. The change is going to come in about four to five years, they estimate. The exact method they will adopt is still unknown at the moment, but they are in the process of narrowing down their options.

The two most likely options look to be technological devices called tunneling transistors and spintronics. Either option would call for a completely new designing process to be put into place, and both would surely be used with silicon transistors.

“We’re going to see major transitions,” said Holt at the San Francisco International Solid State Circuits Conference. “The new technology will be fundamentally different.”

Holt would go on to add that the new method would give any speed upgrades. Instead, they would be more energy efficient. The way the chip industry is going, it is becoming harder and harder to create faster chips. There have been so many upgrades in speed over the years that developers cannot make such drastic improvements like they once did. Now they are looking for a different way of improving the chips, and getting them to use less energy is the route they are taking. This is especially helpful for uses like cloud computing, mobile devices, and robotics.

Intel is focused on reducing the carbon footprint of what they manufacture. Using as little power as possible in regards to their products will be their goal for the coming years.

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