HP Ends The Use of Generic Brand Ink Cartridges

Generic Brand Ink Cartridges

HP has decided to become exclusive when it comes to ink, because HP is concerned with their innovative nature and intellectual designs at which they want to become an exclusive product in the market. There has always been some type of conflict or stress when it comes to third party cartridge manufacturers and printer companies because these third party cartridge manufacturers have to follow the designs and specs of the printer companies. This conflict started in early September when HP has designed new printers to reject ink cartridges from any other source than HP, and the way they are doing that is by adding authentication chips to the Ink cartridge that tells the printer this is an HP Cartridge or not. HP Printers have always been on the competitive edge when it comes to their electronics and they always have their own unique touch and now they are becoming more exclusive when it comes to ink by adding an authentication chip to their cartridges.

However, when it comes to electronics manufacturers always have ways to go around any restrictions and it’s not the first time that a company tries to encrypt their products with a certain code so that other companies can’t profit from their production. Printer companies make their profit mainly from their ink products, what they do is they place their printers for a cheap price and sell their ink cartridges for a high cost. This is why Printer companies have always tried to find ways to make generic cartridges read false warning while being used in a printer such as low-ink or cartridge is empty way before the cartridge is actually empty. Some printer will not let you print black and white unless there is a generic color ink cartridge installed. This doesn’t happen with the original ink cartridges.

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