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 A Brief on Axiohm Core Competency 

Axiohm is a worldwide leader in thermal printing solutions. Axiohm’s products are used in the following markets: gaming/lottery, gas pumps, hospitality, electronic fund transfer, transportation, weighing scales, healthcare, self-service kiosks, and banking/atm. Axiohm is a French Company that is headquartered in Plisses Robinson and has a manufacturing plant in PUISEAX. Axiom, USA is a subsidiary of the company that is located in South Carolina, USA. Axiohm USA earns 40% of Axiohm’s sales.

Huge Inventory of Best-in-class Products

Axiohms current product lines consist of the following:

  • Thermal Printers
    • The thermal printers are based on the most advanced technology in thermal printing, delivering sharp, clear print with high speed, low noise and outstanding reliability. The thermal printer line consists of the following: TPOS-58 mm receipt & ticket printer, TPOS couponing-58mm Ethernet version, A630-58mm compact thermal printer, A631-58MM portable & wireless printer, A632-58mm automotive printer, A711-62mm label printer, and PCPR-54 MM ISO format card printer.
  • Thermal Printer Mechanisms
    • The thermal printer mechanisms are used in electronic cash registers, electronic fund transfers, healthcare, instrumentation, portable equipment, and tachometers.  The portfolio consists of the following series: electron-58mm, Asterson-58 mm, and CM/RM-60 mm, CM thick paper series-60 mm, CM/RM premium-60 mm, triton 60, MHTA-80MM/82.5MM/2 by 38mm, MGTA-80/82.5 mm, XA/XB-80/82.5, and XA/XB premium-80/82.5 mm.
  • Kiosk Printers
    • The kiosk printers are used in almost any transaction printing application that requires an easy to integrate plug & play product. The portfolio consists of the following series: KALYPSO-60 mm Kiosk printers, KMGA-80 mm Kiosk printer, KMGA-80 mm with presenter/retractor, KRMG-60 mm Kiosk vertical paper loading and etc.
  • Controller Boards
    • The controller board portfolio offers a complete range of controller boards with embedded firmware to manage its full line of thermal printer mechanisms. The portfolio can manage multiple bar code types, graphics and logos. The line consists of TPSB and compact board II.

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