Allegro MicroSystems: The Number Two Global Supplier of Sensors

Allegro Microsystems

Headquartered in Worcester, Massachusetts, Allegro MicroSystems, LLC is a leading designer and manufacturer of sensors and power integrated circuits (ICs). Specifically catering to the automotive industry, Allegro MicroSystems components can be found on a multitude of vehicular systems such as the anti-lock brake, electronic steering, automotive transmission, battery management, and throttle control systems.

Allegro MicroSystems is one of the top five magnetic sensors suppliers in the world. These five companies control an impressive 80% of the total market share. Allegro is the second overall leader in the industry, trailing top-ranked Asahi Kasei Microsystems, but is the number one leading supplier for the automotive industry.

In addition to the automotive industry, Allegro Microsystems also caters its designs to customers in the following markets:

  • Industrial: Power tools; signage; manufacturing automation; medical diagnostic equipment; and motor control.
  • Lighting: LCD backlighting; displays; signage; illumination; and signals
  • Consumer Electronics: Printers; scanners; copiers; personal computers; laptops; servers; cameras; and televisions.
  • Appliances: Dish washers; refrigerators; vacuum cleaners; and air conditioners.

Using state-of-the-art packaging technologies, Allegro MicroSystems’ line of integrated circuits are fitted with low-resistance copper primary current conduction paths leading to a linear Hall-effect-styled circuit. Hall-effect sensors are made of a thin sheet of conductive material with output connections lying perpendicular to the direction of current flow. The sensor outputs a voltage proportional to the strength of the magnetic field it is being subjected to.

Allegro MicroSystems’ design and applications facilities are located at the following domestic and international cities:

  • Manchester, New Hampshire
  • Auburn Hills, Michigan
  • Manila Phillipines
  • Surrey, United Kingdom
  • Musselburgh, Scotland
  • Chavonod, France
  • Buenos Aires, Brazil
  • Shanghai, China
  • Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
  • Taipei, Taiwan

Operating with a 3,000-strong global workforce, Allegro MicroSystems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saitama, Japan-based Sanken Electronic Company. Allegro MicroSystems’ proven semiconductors bring the company over USD$264 million in revenue.



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