A Brief on Broadcom Corporation - the World’s Largest Fables Semiconductor Company

Broadcom Semiconductor

Know Brief About  Corporation:

Broadcom Corporation is an American fables semiconductor company in the wireless and broadband communication business with their goal being able to connect everything. They play a key role in Ethernet-enabled internet everywhere, bringing performance to hybrid data centers and enterprise networks, and also fuelling consumer electronics markets. The company’s headquarters is located in Irvine, California and was founded in 1991.

The company has 11,750 employees worldwide and participates in the stock market with their symbol BRCM. Out of the 11,750 Broadcom employees, 77 percent of them are engineers and more than 920 are holding Ph.D.s. They have facilities in most major cities and around the world and have development facilities in North America, Asia and EMEA.   The current CEO and president is Scott A. McGregor and the co-founder is Hen Samueli. The company takes in part in home, hand, and infrastructure markets.

Broadcom Corporation is the world’s largest Distributor of fabless semiconductor company and estimates that 99.98% of internet traffic crosses at least one Broadcom chip-in the home, in the hand and across the network.  Some of their global customers include elite technology brands including Apple, Cisco, Dell, DIRECTV, Huawei, Samsung and ZTE, and many others.

The company takes pride in being one of the industry’s broadest portfolio of intellectual property, addressing both the wired and wireless transmission of voice, data and multimedia. They have been able to accomplish more than 8,350 U.S and 3,450 foreign patents and 7,575+ additional pending patent applications. Broadcom offers more than 24 lines of business and holds leadership positions in nearly a dozen product categories.

Over the past two decades Broadcom has acquired more than 50 companies. Some of the most recent acquisitions are Broad Light, Inc., Netlogic Microsystems Inc., SC square Ltd., Provigent Ltd., Gigle Networks, Inc., and Beceem Communications, Inc. The company expects by 2020 the number of connected devices is expected to reach 50 billion, or six devices for every person on earth. This is where Broadcom plays a role to connect people to everything and everyone that matters.


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