A Brief of the Core Business of ABIT Computer Corporation

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The Legacy of ABIT:

ABIT Computer Corporation was founded in 1989 and based in Taiwan. It is now a leader in producing motherboards, video cards, and other computer accessories. By 1991 this company had become the fastest growing motherboard manufacturer, reaching $10 million in sales.

In December of 2004, the Taiwan Stock Exchange reduced ABIT’s stock due to some suspicious accounting calculations. It was found that the majority of ABIT’s import/export business was operated through seven different companies that all seemed to be located at the exact same address. Each of these companies had a capital of only HK$2, which put ABIT in perfect position for inflating the reported number of motherboards being sold. There was also some questionable embezzling happening from this company.

ABIT then fought back by forming a partnership with Wan Hai industries in 2005, which gave ABIT their needed capital. But eventually these problems led to the acquisition by Universal Scientific Industrial Co., Ltd. in May 2006. After this acquisition, ABIT switched to distributing components and networking their products. Universal Abit was still located in Taiwan with offices in China, USA, Iran, and the Netherlands but announced that they would close by 2009.

Showed Impressive Excellence before Shutdown:

ABIT was known for manufacturing motherboards that supported over clocking. Over clocking is the process of making a computer or component quicker than a clock frequency by adjusting system parameters. In the 1990s, they also produced a Softmenu feature which was one of the first jumper less CPU configuration systems that allows over clocking to be modified from the BIOS. Jumpers are conductors use to close a break in or bypass an electrical circuit. Jumper less CPU configuration systems have the advantage of being fast and easy to set up.

ABIT also added to the Softmenu by developing the Guru chip which is a custom microprocessor on a motherboard. It allows for adjusting over clocking settings while the OS is running. This chip decreased the time required to discover optimal settings. In 2004, ABIT also produced the OTES cooling system. This is a heat pipe based cooling system that transfers heat from the motherboard’s voltage regulators or the chipset and removes it out of the system through the I/O panel. Before Universal ABIT closed, they introduced the FunFab P80 Digital Photo Frame and Printer which allowed access to a photo printer straight from a personal mobile phone.

ASAP Semiconductor - The Primary Source for ABIT Products:

Even though ABIT is out of business, ASAP Semiconductor, through its proprietary website JUST IT Hardware is a leading distributor of all ABIT products specializing in their motherboard line. We stock obsolete and discontinued items over time and can help you keep your old machines running. Please contact ASAP Semiconductor today at sales@justithardware.com and one of our knowledgeable sales representatives available will be ready to assist you.



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